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Entrepreneurial ecosystem is a term that defines a community which includes stakeholders with mutual benefits, sharing and complimenting each other to create a flourishing environment for the establishment of innovative and fast growing startup ventures.

As its name implies, there is no limit of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in term of physical space (even though the activities will talk place in a specific geological location) and there is no hierarchy.

According to Brad Feld, author of “Startup Communities – Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in your city”, participants in a Startup community can be categorized into two groups:

(1) Businesses that play the role of “leaders” of the community

(2) Other stake holders that play the role of “feeder” in the community

From analysis of other countries’ past endeavors and the realistic conditions of ITP, the overall model for ITP Entrepreneurial Ecosystem can be seen as following. The stakeholders include capitals, deal-makers, academic and research institution, laboratories, etc. connected to each other to provide the necessary human resources for businesses, the center of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Being located in the heart of Vietnam National University, HCMC has bring the entrepreneurial ecosystem accessibility to high quality human resources, an essential factor for the successes of innovative businesses. In particular, the model clearly demonstrates the startups’ vital mutual relationships with established enterprises in the ecosystem.

From the technological infrastructure provided by our government at VNU HCMC Town, ITP provides infrastructure and technology equipment, Information and Communication infrastructure in particular to support the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem at ITP.

More importantly, through our series of frequent networking event, ITP brings forth an invaluable opportunities for startups to access essential resources, especially human, information and capital resources which will help improve the chance for their successes.

According to Brad Feld’s philosophy, ITP will play the role of one of the organization that acts as a feeder in the ecosystem. The leaders of the ecosystem will be the businesses themselves.

ITP provides startups with support package including working space, Information and Communication Technology services and most importantly connection to necessary resources for development.
To receive the support package from ITP, Startups have to qualify for certain specific criteria. The procedure to receive the support package is published in ITP’s e-portal at the Startup Support Section.
What contributes to the sustainability of ITP entrepreneurial ecosystem?